9 Apps to Meet New People Online Free

6 min readDec 12, 2021

I know you have asked this question.

Is there an app like Tinder for friends?

And you know what there really is?
In fact, there are many apps just like that. Because let’s be honest, being an adult isn’t easy.

There’s always plates to wash. There’s always bills to pay. And if you run out of milk, it doesn’t magically appear in the fridge like you did when you were a child.

And, you know, one of the hardest things as an adult is actually making friends, because it always feels a little weird, doesn’t it?

To admit to yourself that you need to expand your social circle.

Now, there’s no judgement here. Life happens for whatever reasons.

You don’t talk to your high school friends any more, or those from university. Your friends moved away, or they had a family so that you hardly see each other any more.

And this blog post is all about the best apps for making friends which I have used myself and if you are interested.

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1# Bylde

This is an app which you can download on your phone and start searching for your local communities. This is an ocean of small communities around you. Basically you connect with local individuals who have similar interest as yours.

You search for a group in your city. You send a request to join in and voilà you are a member of that group.

Once you become a member, you can check out events happening and join them as per your convenience. This helps you understand the activities happening in your area as well as gives you an opportunity to connect with them.

This is also very affordable for community managers or hosts. If you want to start your own community. You just download the app and create a group.

It cost only £12 per annum, and you get lots of features included in it like:

  1. Virtual Events
  2. Tickets for your event
  3. Attendance management
  4. Limit Attendance
  5. and many more

Not just that but if you opt for a £30 annum plan you will be able to charge your group members a subscription fee. Isn’t that's awesome. You can find an awesome article about alternatives to meetup here.

Go to Bylde.com

2# Bumble BFF

This is my personal favourite.

This app I have actually used, and I have found a successful friend and a partner about two years ago.

The app has three versions. You’ve got dating, business connections, and BFF, which is the friendship app.

You easily sign up select the friend option and how you would expect dating apps to work you read a bio you swipe left or right.

And then someone has to make the first move and start the conversation.

Otherwise, the match will expire in 24 hours. And it includes a cool feature where you can select from three icebreakers that are auto generated when you have a successful match.

So if introductions are in your thing, well, don’t worry, this app will have your back.

You just choose the best one and make a friend.

3# meetup

If you want to find a new friend by similar interests.
Then this app really is for you. You can view and join groups that have been set up in your actual local area from book clubs, fitness events, to newbie moms to adventure walks, there are so many things.

There’s a whole range of different categories and interests that you will find even during these lonely COVID lockdown times because there’s even virtual meetups taking place on this app.

It’s easy to use. It’s very, very popular. And there’s always an event happening.

So just like how you’d expect the app to run, you can view profiles you can swipe on those who you think will make an amazing friend.

What makes this a little different is how the app is focused on event. So you’re actually meeting someone to do something, which gets rid of the awkwardness.

So basically, every member has made some plans could be going for drinks on Friday watching a film at the cinema or COVID favourite zoom pub night quizzes, literally like it says on the tin.

What makes this app stand out is how it selects your matches.

It’s a little smarter than the previous ones. Instead of just being shown random strangers in your area. It’s going to match you with people who matched up to the interest that you selected when you made your own profile.

Therefore, you have something in common to talk about with your new friend straight away.

4# Peanut.

If you are a new mom, well, I have all the love in the world for you because it’s tough.

It’s tough being an adult. Let alone an adult responsible for a little tiny baby.

And from the experience of my friends who have had children while it’s the rest of the friend group went to work and got on with things.

It kind of leaves the moms feeling very left out because no one’s free.

So this app is made by moms for moms, but not only does this give you a community space to ask questions that every mom needs the answers to, but there are groups inside the app where you can chat with anyone and or pretty much any time on a wide range of women related topics.

So don’t feel singled out if you don’t have your own children or if you are trying to conceive, or you would just prefer the idea of meeting friends with a mum over someone that doesn’t have their own children, because the app will most definitely welcome you into this whole peanut mum community.

I use this app at least once a week. This isn’t strictly a meeting a friend at, but it offers the same.

Here are remaining 5 apps which I would recommend you to meet new people:


6# Hey! VINA

7# Friended

8# Twitch

9# Reddit