9 Sites Like Meetup — Looking for Alternatives to Meetup? With pricing

  1. Pricing — General affordability
  2. Ease of using the app — User Interface
  3. Focussed features

1. Bylde.com (£12 per year) — known as the top competitor to meetup currently

Go To Bylde.com

2. Bumble ($275.88 per year)

Bumble Date

3. Nextdoor (free)

  1. Missing Cat
  2. Need a reliable Plumber
  3. Looking for a buddy to walk
  4. Who is this man who steals my Amazon

4. Peanut (free)

  1. hoodies
  2. caps
  3. keychain
  4. bags
  5. eye mask and much more
  1. Trying to conceive
  2. Snack for labour
  3. Gender Disappointment etc.

5. Citysocializer (£227.88 per year)

Photo by Partho Chakraborty on Unsplash

6. LinkedIn (free)

7. Eventbrite (£1120 per year)

9 sites like meetup

8. Facebook (free)

  1. Selling tickets for your event.
  2. Hosting Virtual Events.
  3. Managing your small community.
  4. Add more host and moderators.
  5. Send email notifications to all members.

9. Hopin ($1188 per year)





Start, Grow and Manage Your Communities https://www.bylde.com

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Start, Grow and Manage Your Communities https://www.bylde.com

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